Following its success in 2019, Mulpha’s Norwest Mentoring Program kicked off again last month with this year’s cohort of mentors and mentees keen to collaborate on their career development, challenges and business ideas.

The program, which runs for 6 months, aims to connect business and professional leaders with motivated individuals to foster collaboration and help develop an innovation culture that will drive the entrepreneurial economy and jobs of the future at Norwest.

Mentees come from all walks of life, including students, young graduates, middle age employees and experienced business owners who will meet regularly with their mentors through private face-to-face, telephone or skype meetings.

Stephanie Dale, Managing Director of DMC Advertising Group who took part in last year’s Norwest mentoring program and is still in touch with her mentee, decided to be a mentor again this year to a new mentee.

Her new mentee runs a chain of dance schools but is having a particularly challenging time looking at ways to continue operating her business in the current Covid-19 environment.

“We are currently looking at new ways for her to operate her dance classes, including online, so the classes can continue.  In the current climate it’s important to be able to adapt to new technology and new ways of doing things,” Stephanie said.

“It is not only an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experiences, but it also revitalises my enthusiasm for my own job and gives me a perspective on the issues facing other business owners.

Stephanie said she enjoys mentoring people and would encourage people – both mentors and mentees to get involved in the program as she believes it is rewarding for both.

Tim Spencer, Executive General Manager, Mulpha Developments said:

“The mentoring program is designed to tap into Norwest’s most valuable resource – the quality of our people and the knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that is so abundant in the Norwest business community.”

“We want Norwest to be known for the quality of the people that work here and thus we are extremely dedicated to the development and continued success of a culture that helps people deliver on their maximum potential.  Whatever someone’s stage of career, if they are willing to try things and pursue their dreams, then we’ll support them.”

“We believe that fostering lifelong learning is the key to personal success and subsequently business innovation and the creation of vibrant and resilient entrepreneurial economy of the future.”

Anyone interested in being involved in the Norwest mentoring program can contact Rakshika Ramlogan on 9239 5579 or visit