While the past year has had a sense of uncertainty for the Association, it has made people reprioritise their relationships and value their local community, according to John Collins, President of the Norwest Community Association.

“The past year has influenced many people to reflect on the value of their local community and relationships. While we have missed not being able to hold any major events this past year due to restrictions on numbers, a big positive from this experience is that it has given residents a greater appreciation of their homes, their local environment and their community.

“We are hoping to tap into that community spirit as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. We have all chosen to live in Norwest not just because of the lifestyle it affords us, but because we are part of something bigger.

“As The Norwest Community Association is owned by the community, we’d like as many new members as possible to join and get involved. We encourage our community to contribute their ideas on how we can continue to grow and enrich our great community spirit.”

The primary role of the Association is to foster a strong sense of belonging and community in Norwest, organise a variety of events and social groups where you can meet people and build friendships, be a united voice for the community when dealing with authorities and residents, and support local businesses.

Tuula Schaeffer, Community Facilitator, Norwest Community Association said she is excited about the extensive program of community events planned for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

“Norwest is a wonderful growing community that has already established its reputation for warmth and a high level of participation.  We have several events coming up that we would love to see as many old and new members attending.  These include a Bella Vista Farm Open Day, organised by Friends of Bella Vista Farm on 6th June, a fun family event called “4th July Park Party” on Sunday 4th July, and a quarterly ‘Lets have Lunch’ on August 24th at the Thai Waterfront restaurant.”

Karen Francis and her partner John Gilbert who reside in the Haven apartments in Norwest said they first joined the Association when they moved to Bella Vista eight years ago.

“We have made some wonderful, lifelong friendships through the Association and the regular social events that are organised.  I don’t know of any other community that is as strong and supportive as this one.”

Membership is open to anyone living or working in the West Ward of Hills Shire. Gold membership of $20 per year entitles you to an amazing array of rewards and discounts at local businesses. Visit norwestcommunity.com.au and facebook/norwestcommunity for more information.

As well, members receive a regular newsletter covering local issues of interest and invitations to community events.

Mulpha Executive General Manager, Tim Spencer, said:

“As the major developer in Norwest and a key supporter of the Norwest Community Association we have always been about creating a strong, vibrant and active community.”

“Residents in Norwest love the strong community built in Norwest.  They value living in an area that is walking distance to neighbourhood amenities, including parks, pathways, public transport, services, recreation and an array of social opportunities.

“We look forward to continuing to support events and activities that reflect the great community spirit of Norwest.”


This article was written by Sarah Peattie for Mulpha.

Photo: International Food Night 2019