Neighbourhood Watch

The BSAFE Community Association was formed with the sole intention of making Bella Vista Waters the most secure address community in The Hills area.

As all new estates are targeted by burglars in the early stages of development and beyond, Bella vista Waters was not exempt from this phenomenon. To stop it becoming a more attractive target, due to the high quality of homes and the expectation of more valuable contents within these homes, something was done. A public meeting was convened and over 150 Bella Vista Waters residents attended. The outcome of that meeting was that the residents decided that they would take on the responsibility of providing for their own security. It was decided to contract a professional security company, Highland Security, to provide night time security patrols to cover all the streets within the Bella Vista Waters Estate. As there were not funds to pay for these patrols, Richard Gremmo from Gremmo Homes, together with some of his brothers who also live within the BVW estate, very generously offered to pay Highland Security for the first month to give us time to set up our own funding arrangements.   The results were effective and immediate. In the months following the commencement of the security patrols in May 2008, security breaches have been reduced to practically nil. Naturally, none of this happened without a lot of work going on in the background.

At subsequent meetings the infrastructure to secure long term solutions was being put into place. An organising committee was formed to oversee the structure. It was decided that a resident from each street would be chosen to act as a street facilitator to liaise with their neighbours. In June 2008, 25 street facilitators door knocked every home in the estate, advising residents of the security problems and sought a $50 donation to fund the security patrols for the next 12 weeks. The results were overwhelming! Some 90% of residents contributed, with some streets giving 100% support to BESAFE. Subsequently, a meeting was held with representatives from Norwest Land, who very generously agreed to subsidise the cost of the patrols and erect signs throughout the estate, warning that 24 hour surveillance was in operation.   In August 2009, BSAFE became an accredited member of the Neighbourhood Watch Program, which is sponsored by the NSW Police. This provides us with more direct access to police resources, crime statistics and Neighbourhood Watch signage.

A newsletter is published quarterly and distributed by the street facilitators to all residents. This newsletter contains information about security issues and crime statistics in our neighbouring suburbs. Additionally, Highland Security provide us with a detailed weekly report of their patrols in our estate, which is emailed by the street facilitators to the residents.   Our goal is to maintain our reputation as The Hills district’s most secure address and we invite all residents to be involved with our program by contributing each quarter to fund the security patrols.

CONTACT: Chairperson: Jeff Grey on 0425 834 908

USEFUL CONTACTS: Highland Security: phone 1300 445 263 Castle Hill Police: phone 9680 5399

SECURITY TIPS:· Keep garage doors closed at all times · Lock side gates · Turn on your alarm even if you are only going out for a short time · Internal doors to garages should be fitted with a key operated lock · Have your alarm night mode programmed and use it every night · Store wallets, purses and car keys in a secure place at night · Report anything you see that is suspicious.

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